The Dream or the Hustle?

The Dream Or the Hustle?

To reproduce? To love? To Make money, pay bills, repeat? It occurred to me years ago that if  I was given another try this time (This Life) why would I sit here and under achieve. Why would I suffer all my life knowing subconsciously that I did not follow my highest path. This question had no answer at the time because it just made me confuzzled as to why so many people do. Now that I look back on it, I cannot question anymore because I know now that people only achieve what is achievable at their own level of consciousness. What is drastically impossible to some, may be simple as pie to one; or many.  So what is the meaning of life for humans? What is the nature of man’s spiritual world? When I began to separate myself from my environment and reflect this reality in the form of mental images, which serve as regulators of goal-oriented activity; I realized this was the key to mine and everyone’s higher path. Can the meaning of life be to know and find your higher path? Your purpose? How do we know the truth; some ask. By creating the truth I must say. We are constantly reflecting images from our “imagination” to our reality. So what you are living you are creating.  To live the life worth living, we simply have to create higher. When consciousness is at a low level, we observe unmotivated swings of concentration from certain objects of thought and actions that are sufficiently known but can also unexpectedly be mental targets of unmotivated reorientation of action and can account for various mental disorders. This is a total loss of the "thread" of thought. We fall victim to this tread of thought. DON’T FAL VICTIM! Why do we fall victim? Because when we try to unconsciously create. Conscious activity can only be done if results exist in plan or intention. But realization of those goals cannot be understood without including all the consequences of activity. You see the results always differ from what was intended because that is how our unconscious mind works with our conscious mind. People then come under the influence of external forces and forget the mechanisms of full force consciousness. We must create with out fear and drive our energy as a vehicle of trust in order to create consciously. Once we Drops all Fears... Well... There's no turning back..


Andrea Stender

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