New Moon In Pisces - March 6th, 2019 ~ 2 min Read~


This Pisces New Moon is a time to take our Soul Back. It is literally a moon for Soul Retrieval. We enter the last sign of the zodiac and we feel overdrawn with a sense of completion or a sense of liberation. This is the moment many of us have been waiting for. A practice of soul retrieval needs to be considered for this new moon. Many of us are contained within the structures and mumbo and jumbo of the 3rd dimension that we loose that touch and spark of being connected with source. Pisces season and the Pisces new moon allows us to do become more in tune with our spiritual and intuitive side. But we must not leave out the face that one MERCURY the planet of communication is now retrograde and two, only dead fish go with the flow. What I mean by this is that it is also time to “Re” Consider some things or “Re” do some things. This is why I’m high lighting soul retrieval because it’s a process and this process is mostly considered when we are in the last sign of the zodiac and also when we are in “Re”trograde with mercury. Think about all the times you thought a part of you was a part of you but it really wasn’t you. You were left in an illusion of self. It’s like you were living a dream world. Pisces energy tends to do this. We live too often in the clouds of wonderland and it becomes a self -sabotaging habit to not stay true to our spirits and instead carry the negative waves of the world on our shoulders. Heres what I want you to do. Relaaaaaaxxxx. Breeeeathhhhh. Hold it in. stop. Observe. “Re”peat. “Re”trieve.  You can do this! Not to mention Chiron has been back in Aries for some time now and it appears a lot of us are going through an identity crisis. Many themes and questions are coming to the surface to remind us who we are not and who we acttualy are. Heres some advice for you. Be a soul. Be a human. Be a beacon of light for truth. Stand in your power and dignity. These are the things that allow us to feel a sense of completion and a sense of liberation. Allow for this Pisces new moon to do just that. Surrender to the feelings that come up, but do not act on whats real or whats an illusion because the veil will be thin and we can disassociate. Believe me true, Neptune Conjunct Mercury can make you think someone is in the room when they are not. Your mind will trick you and play games. Use this time to consider when your mind may have played tricks on you. Our brain does not know the difference between reality and imagination. If you understand that you are not your brain or your thoughts you can adopt the observer mode. The observer is the soul. And when you know it you can feel it. Its there because its who you really are.

Here are some activities to consider for this New Moon In Pisces:

Write down your dreams and contemplate them

Work on creative and artistic projects

Have a romantic date with your beloved

Forgive someone

Forgive yourself

Write Poetry

Clean out your closets

Attend a meditation group

Catch up on sleep

Go to a temple

Have a crying party

Go into seclusion


Stare at the moon

Doodle or Draw

Make Music

Get a healing treatment done

Hope this helps!

Peace & Love always,

From your Astrolger,


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