Cureative Creations Serve as a tool to remind us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that everything around us is significant to our existence. 

Every Thing We CUREATE . We CUREATE with soul .We CUREATE to HEAL .


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The healing power of crystals

Everything in the entire universe holds a vibrational energy. Crystals being in their most authentic and raw form vibrate at a high frequency. Those who are more sensitive, tend to feel the sensational healing affects. Wear them, pocket them, and start to become aware of how you feel. There's no turning back.


Healing Services

Gifted with strong intuition and knowledge of the metaphysical world,  the Cureative family offers Tarot Readings by video or phone that will shine light on any energy left in the shadows. Certified Vajra Transmission Master, Andrea; also offers distant or in home violet flame energy transmissions. Studying Astrology since 2006 , Andrea also offers  birth chart reports,  and astrology classes in Houston, Texas.

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Herbal Apothecary

Home made Sprays, lotions, candles, soaps, bath salts, scrubs, pperfumes and more! Our Herbal Based Apothecary will leave you coming back for more! Weather you need to cleanse your aura or take a relaxing floral bath to release  some stress. Your Healing is in our Hands. CUREATED with 100 % Organic Essential Oils , High grade herbs and flowers, Vitamin E and absolutely no HARSH chemicals!


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Work Shops & Pop Up Shops


Visit our EVENTS tab to keep up with our Apothecary workshops, Astrology Classes, Healing Circles, and Pop up Markets. 

Email Us to Book a workshop for your own private event!


   Candle Work Shop

   Candle Work Shop

      Body Butter & Lip Balm Work Shop

      Body Butter & Lip Balm Work Shop